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Warehouse management system SKLADKO WMS

Project planning

Sometimes it is not possible to cover all special needs and customer particularities with the basic modules and functionalities of warehouse management system SKLADKO WMS. All changes have to be dealt with in a project manner and adequately documented. One of our strongest points is that Espro inženiring offers services in the field of warehousing and logistics processes project planning as well as in IT development and implementation. With combination of these two fields we achieve optimal warehousing processes with adequate IT support.

Modifications of SKLADKO WMS are due to:

  • a) particularities in internal processes organisation (purchase, sales);
  • b) particularities in warehousing processes, operations required at shipping, differences of work processes in different zones, etc;
  • c) goods particularities such as identification and labelling, reservations, quantity definitions (scanning, counting or measuring), shipping criteria, additional services required, etc.
  • d) particularities in data exchange between warehouse management system SKLADKO WMS and enterprise resource planning system (ERP);
  • e) particularities in services accounting (3PL), etc.


Particularities identification

For most cases processes in SKLADKO WMS are optimally defined and can be used. All particularities (“gaps” - if they exist) have to be identified in project planning phase. This means that all processes that are not covered by standardised processes in SKLADKO WMS have to discovered and solutions to this deviations can be:

  • Change of existing processes. Because of the new IT technology and support the change of process at the customer is carried out and the process as suggested by Skladko will be used.
  • Program modifications of SKLADKO WMS. If the existing process is optimal and/or important for business it will be adequately supported.


Project solution

After identification of particularities work begins on project solution preparation. This solution includes part that deals with technology of work and part containing IT solution. During preparation of solution cooperation of people from the customer’s departments of logistics, purchase, production and sales is required.

Firstly a snap-shot of existing state of the processes is done. This snap-shot is the basis for future planning of work technology and IT solution. It is also the base for preposition of process changes and eventual modifications of SKLADKO WMS. Because of simultaneous planning of work technology and IT solution there are no unexpected changes. Time plan for modifications of SKLADKO WMS and implementation of these modifications into work process is also prepared. Last part of project solution contains list of required technological equipment, software modifications and price estimate.

Often customers decide to prepare a project solution before implementing SKLADKO WMS to give them precise data about investment costs and all activities required to implement it.

Execution of program modifications of SKLADKO WMS

On the basis of confirmed project documentation that contains all demands and process particularities program modifications of SKLADKO WMS are carried out. Modifications are usually due to processes particularities or particularities of data exchange between SKLADKO WMS and ERP.

One of the most important phases is testing. Testing is partially done prior to implementation but also during implementation when our WMS instructor is present at the site instructing and helping workers.

After finished implementation projects of executed works that show all changes and modifications of SKLADKO WMS are prepared.