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Warehouse management system SKLADKO WMS

From 1997 we develop and market our own Warehouse Management System SKLADKO WMS. Till now we have implemented it in more than 30 companies. It covers majority of logistics processes in a production as well as in a distribution company. Some of its functionalities are:

  • Goods receiving (raw materials or trade goods form suppliers or finished goods from own production).
    - Automatic identification using bar codes or other methods.
    - Quantity and traceability data capture.
    - Determine other logistical data needed for warehouse location management.
  • Warehouse location management (support for all warehousing types: bulk storage, pallet racks, drive-in racks, live storage, shelves, automated warehouses…).
  • Material shipping (raw materials to production or finished goods to customers) with support for traceability.
    - Lean production (Kanban) principles.
    - Successive shipping.
    - Order picking.
  • Support functions for production (and warehouses).
    - Goods labelling according to logistical standards (GS1 or Odette) – in production or at receiving to the warehouse.
    - Quality control and management.
    - Return packing tracking and management.
  • Automated devices and systems support (transport conveyors, automated warehouses and stacker cranes… management).
  • Advanced technology support.
    - Digital maps for transport optimization
    - RFID – radio frequency identification.
    - Voice technology.
    - Organization and optimization of distribution with support for routting.