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Planning, design and engineering

Espro inženiring d.o.o. is a company acts the following fields:

  • Logistics processes redesign (modernisations and complete turn key solutions).
    - Existing warehouse redesign.
    - Design of technical plans for new solutions.
  • Production material and information flow studies (from material entry to finished goods exit).
  • Warehousing systems and equipment projects (technology plan for the following project phases: draft concept, draft project, project for acquiring the building permit, project for the tender, project for execution and project of executed works).
  • IT support for all logistical processes.
    - Logistics solution concept.
    - Draft solution for all foreseen work processes functions.
    - Type definition and RF equipment disposition.
    - Data exchange between Enterprise Resource Planning System (ERP) and Warehouse Management System (WMS).
    - Warehouse Management System implementation and set up time plan.
  • Site survey and access point for WLAN position definition.
  • Internal logistics and warehousing expert seminars organisation.