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Warehouse management

IT support is on of the key elements for efficient and effective warehouse. That is why decision about warehouse IT support should not be taken easily. We have a lot of experience in the field of warehousing and IT support that we have gained in our more than 50 installations of SKLADKO WMS. Let us help you with your decision.
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Turn key solutions in the field of internal logistics and warehousing

Are you investigating the possibilities of building a new warehouse or redesign or optimisation of existing warehouse and you are looking for possible solutions? Contact us and we will gladly help you with our more than 20 years of experience in the field of project design, redesign, optimisation of warehouses and warehousing and internal logistic processes and IT support.
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IT (radio-frequency) equipment

Are you looking for a mobile computer (terminal) for warehousing operations? Perhaps a printer, access point, server… All this and much more we can offer you from our scope of IT equipment (Psion, DLoG, tt netcom…).
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Racking and other warehousing equipment

Do you need equipment for your warehouse? No matter how complex your needs are we can help you with project design, delivery and assembly. We can offer you all racking equipment (pallet, drive-in, push back racks, pallet live storage…), automated cranes and transport systems as well as automated high-bay warehouses.
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New partner - Motorola

We inform you, that we have the a new partner. Espro inženiring is now an authorized Motorola reseller.     We offer you a wide range barcode scanners...